Education Programs

Education Programs


For the last 15 years, Suelopetrol maintains a school for indigenous children of warao etnia located in Isla de Tigre, Caño Manamo, Monagas State.

In the school, named Yakeraja that means "Excellency" in warao language, approximately eighty children receive classes of grammar, mathematics, Venezuelan History, both in Spanish and their mother tongue. This school also has been the scenario for international cultural and educational exchanges.


Suelopetrol has created a scholarship plan jointly with the ASOVG (Venezuelan Association of Geophysicist Engineers) to offer two scholarships to the best two students of Geophysics Engineering of the national universities. In this way, Suelopetrol not only reinforces the academic excellence, but also promotes the growths of the future professionals in the area. In addition, Suelopetrol promotes research and expansion of knowledge through the donation of computers to schools located in areas where the company operates.


Suelopetrol is aware of the sanitary needs and the disease prevention, especially in distant places. For this reason, the company promotes and carry out a plan of pediatrics and geriatrics primary medical assistance, and vaccination programs within the communities.